BCLC is a Nut Free Facility

Breakfast Snack
PM Snack
April 23
Frosted Mini Wheats, peaches, milk

Meatballs w/ gravy, noodles, green beans, applesauce, milk  

Cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, lemonade

April 24

Plain bagel, pears, milk

Spoon taco, salad, corn, oranges, milk

Saltines, apple slices, water

April 25


Raisin bread, orange slices, milk

Fish filet, potato wedge, coleslaw, fruit cocktail, milk

 Chocolate muffin, milk


 April 26


Chocolate chip bread, applesauce, milk

 Pizza wrap w/ dippin sauce, pretzels, broccoli, pineapple

Cheez-its, raisins, grape juice

April 27

 Blueberry muffin, pineapple, milk

Bologna & cheese sandwich, goldfish crackers, peaches, cucumbers, milk 

 Strawberry yogurt Chex, milk
Afternoon Snack

April 30

Cheerios, peaches, milk 
Chicken nuggets, rice w/ gravy, mixed veggies, applesauce, milk 
 Cheese slice, Townhouse crackers, water
May 1
 Cinnamon/raisin bagel, pears, milk 
Pizza, salad, cottage cheese, pineapple, milk
Soft pretzel w/ mustard, orange juice
May 2
 English muffin w/ jelly or apple butter, fruit cocktail, milk
Waffle w/ syrup, sausage links, tator wedge, tropical fruit, milk 
Chocolate/ caramel Chex, milk 
May 3
Pita triangles, carrots, dip, milk 
Mini corndogs, mac and cheese, peas, oranges, milk
Wheat crackers, banana, water
May 4
 Banana muffin, applesauce, milk
SunButter & jelly sandwich, yogurt, carrots, peaches, milk 
Animal crackers, milk 
 Week AM Snack
PM Snack
 May 7 Life cereal, peaches, milk  Chicken patty  on bun, smiley fries, applesauce, pudding, milk  Graham crackers, fresh oranges, water
May 8 Plain bagel, pears, milk  Soft taco, corn, salad, oranges, milk   Stuffed pretzel bread stick, apple juice
May 9 Cinnamon bread, apple slices, milk Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, Texas toast, green beans, applesauce, milk  Blueberry muffin, milk 
May 10  Pancakes w/ syrup, pineapple, milk Fish sticks, potato bake, coleslaw, fruit cocktail, milk  String cheese, tortilla chips, salsa, water
May 11 Chocolate muffin, applesauce, milk   Turkey wrap, Sun chips, fresh veggies, peaches, milk  Cheddar chex, grape juice
Breakfast Snack
PM Snack
May 14  Corn chex, peaches, milk Cheeseburger on bun, tator tots, fruit cocktail, lettuce/pickle, milk  Snack mix, cranberry blush juice
 May 15 Blueberry bagel, pears, milk  Pizza, cottage cheese, pineapple, milk  Yogurt, grahama crackers, water

May 16

Biscuit w/ apple butter or jelly, oranges, milk Toasted ham and cheese sandwich, applesauce, celery, fruit snack, milk  Pita triangles, carrots, dip, water
May 17  Wheat crackers, banana, milk Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, oranges, peas and carrots, milk  Cheesy bread stick, dippin’ sauce, white grape juice

May 18

Cinnamon muffin, apple sauce, milk  Sub sandwich, chips, cucumbers, mixed fruit, milk  Animal crackers, milk